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What is cord cutting?

Cord cutting simply means canceling your pay-TV service. Cord cutting has been a growing trend since 2009, when over-the-air broadcast signals switched from analog to digital. People began to realize that they could now get the vast majority of their favorite TV shows in beautiful HD using a simple television antenna rather than paying monthly fees to a TV provider.

Today, cord cutting is accelerating due to several factors such as the emergence of DVRs for TV antennas, which provides a very cable-like viewing experience, and the existence of streaming services that provide access to the Cable TV shows that are not available from a television antenna, and for a lot less money than what you would typically spend with a pay-TV service.


What we do

Cord Cutting New England helps you make the transition FAST and EFFECTIVELY so the you can SAVE money TOMORROW!  We also want you to experience just how much better STREAMING is to CABLE TV!  

Getting Started?

What is Cord Cutting?  What are some of the best streaming services for me?  How do I Cut the Cord on Cable and save money?  What about internet?  All GREAT questions answered here.  Follow us on Youtube and Facebook to always be in the know!

Ads can be confusing

Beware of the Ads in your mailbox offering  SPECIAL deals from the cable companies. You will need a magnifying glass for the small print!

Our Service for you!


Consultation on Cord Cutting from Cord Cutting New England

Cord Cutting New England is NOT a content provider, cable alternative or streaming product.  We are educators that help people get the most out of their streaming devices for as little cost as possible.  We charge a FEE for our meeting but ALWAYS end up SAVING you a ton of $$!  Our objective is to show you the impact of Cutting the Cord on Cable and then guide you on all the FREE benefits, secrets, and tricks to Streaming TV! Come to one of our Cord Cutting Workshops to be schedule in Kingston, Plymouth, Sandwich & Duxbury in 2020!  Here you will learn all about Cutting the Cord, the cost savings and who are some of the leading streaming services at that time.  The BEST Streaming service is always the one that provides you with what you and your family enjoy.  Therefor you can expect there to be a very wide variety.

Step 1


Evaluate your needs! This conversation allows us to uncover what you like most (Drama, Movies, Sports, etc).  Then we install a streaming device (Our gift to you) and show you how simple it is!  WE DO NOT CANCEL YOUR CABLE OR INTERNET.  Our advice is to do this at your own pace.  The phrase Cord Cutting is merely a term used for the act of selecting streaming services that best suit your needs. We will give you the step by step instructions on what to do and how to ultimately shrink or eliminate your cable bill altogether. The BEST Streaming Service for you is what we look to uncover.  One size does NOT fit all!   Serving all of Massachusetts, Rhode Island , Connecticut , New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine and more.  Cape Cod & Martha's Vineyard Nantucket  (Plymouth, Kingston, Sandwich)

Step 2

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Compare the numbers.  For instance.  The Smiths Pay $280 per month to their Cable Provider.  $195 of that is for CABLE TV!  Numbers based on averages for Plymouth, Kingston, Duxbury, Sandwich residents.  However our data shows that the national average is close.

Our meeting revealed how they will get EVERYTHING they enjoy on their ROKU Device for FREE!  Since Roku does NOT have a monthly subscription rate they are saving $2,340 per year!  The bottom line is to get the best streaming service or streaming services in the Cord Cutting marketplace.  We are sure that you will be amazed at the instant savings and increase benefits of our model.

Step 3, Show you what you WILL pay for...


We hear it all the time..."What about internet?  I still have to pay for that!"  CORRECT!  You also need electricity!  It's a shame that the cable companies have kept us all hostage! You can understand their fears as the phrase Cord Cutting directly impacts their bottom line.  It should be expected that they offer some resistance.  Many cable companies present to offer streaming services but we VERY wary of the small print.  The best streaming services are ala carte. 

Our meeting will outline what your internet options are, and how to make the most of the cable companies fear of losing your business!  THE GOOD NEWS is....Internet options will be plentiful very soon and we can leave those high bills behind!   In the mean time you will still save A LOT of $$!  (If you live in the Plymouth, Kingston, Sandwich areas, please call about our winter special!)

Book Apt


Call or email to make an appointment.  No questions are too silly; so ask away!  One of our experts will come to your home and get you set up.  We try to keep the meeting to 1 hour.  EASY! Cord Cutting is fun!  You can be sure that your family will be optimizing the best streaming services on Earth!  Ask about specials for Kingston, Sandwich and Plymouth lasting through the winter.

Have us speak at your event!

Attention Community organizers, civic leaders and organizational members...

If you would like to have one of our experts in Cord Cutting come to your meeting, organization, company or group, please feel free to reach out at 508-296-0664 or email us at

Our presentation is an entertaining, enlightening, and eye opening experience for people of all knowledge levels.  During this event, your group will learn all about the shift we are making from Legacy Media (Cable TV) to OTT (Over the top programming-Cord Cutting) streaming TV.  Aside from the interesting and often humorous facts presented, the group is always delighted to learn how they can SAVE a ton of money each month by CUTTING THE CORD.  We have flyers and information available for you to use in newsletters and emails once you select a date.  In lieu of any speaking fee, we ask that we are able to promote our consultation services at the conclusion of the event.  

Cord Cutting New England offers groups an d organizations the ability to book us for workshops

Great topic for your group or organization!

So is Cord Cutting real?

Understanding the streaming industry is helpful as you begin this journey.  Saving money and better content is just the start.  Cord Cutting or Cutting the Cord, is the gateway to all of the best streaming services available. The media shift will have far greater of an impact on our culture than we can even predict today.  Specials NOW for Plymouth, Kingston, Sandwich, Duxbury residents!

Common questions


What is Cord Cutting?

Simply put, Cord Cutting or opting for a streaming service, is the action of CANCELING your expensive cable service and opting for the better and more appropriate option of streaming media.  The cable companies have ignored this technology for a while now.  However they are trying to hold the consumer hostage with phone and internet service.  Consumers are now finding that they can get almost everything the cable company offers for almost NO cost!  Selecting the best streaming service for you takes some trial and error.  Cord Cutting New England helps you get to where you need to be right off the bat.

Kara S. Sandwich- "I knew about Netflix and Hulu but what delighted us more than anything was all of the FREE content available.  It's amazing!  Streaming services Cord Cutting New England really help!"

Plymouth, and Kingston businesses can save thousands too!  Ask how!

Why Cord Cutting?

Other than the obvious cash savings advantage and the elimination of a monthly bill, Cord Cutting will also free you from the miserable customer service and bulky equipment that exists in every room of your house.  Cord Cutting is also the gateway to STREAMING Services that are 100% the direction of where media is today and where it is headed in the future.  Which one is the best streaming service?  Again, it will be different for everyone.  Platforms like Netflix, Hulu and Disney Plus are already household names. But did you know you can have thousands and thousands of FREE movies, tv shows and more without needing those well known companies?  Cord Cutting New England will introduce you to those FREE Services that offer that. (We like to say FREE!) The choice isn't whether to opt for cable over streaming.  The choice is WHEN to make the switch as cable will soon be gone.  Be sure to take advantage of our special winter deal available to all of New England, especially Kingston, Sandwich, Plymouth and Duxbury residents!

Why use Cord Cutting New England?

We will admit that our services are nothing unique or anything that couldn't be completed on your own.  For many, the decision to CUT THE CORD  (Cord Cutting) will be done on their own and done so without the assistance of groups like us.  As a comparison, people can change their own oil in their car or even mow their own lawns.  Yet they will still go to VALUE JIFFY or hire a landscaper.  Why?

Well, as our time is so valuable and our individual skills so varied, it makes sense to pay a bit extra to get the job done right and have it done QUICK.  We take pride in our ability to help people make the transition and then become ambassadors to what we do.  Then we get more referrals and are able to help more people. (Earn money referring people in the Kingston, Plymouth, Sandwich areas.)  Also CCNE is committed to keeping you in the KNOW when new local channels emerge or new and exciting TV Series get announced.  Our ongoing communication will not only keep you in the streaming loop but will also allow you to explore new opportunities on your own. We also want your feedback.  What are your favorite streaming services?  What is the best streaming service for sports?  Action Movies?  Hobby's?  We want to learn from you!

Streaming in 2020

House of Cards, Stranger Things, Orange is the new Black, Handmaidens Tale are all very popular shows living exclusively on the top or best streaming services . These titles that can't  be seen on cable TV. As a result, millions of people are cord cutting just to see these shows!  Many of the Golden Globe Nominations and shows discussed around the water cooler are EXCLUSIVELY shows on streaming services like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu and more.  The NFL has been streaming more of their weekly games on Amazon and will continue to add more as their billion dollar contracts wind down with the "networks" like NBC, CBS, ABC/ESPN.  The best content in the world is now being developed and created for streaming services.  The future is NOT going to involve Network Television and most especially Cable TV.  

So as we stream into 2020, it is important to point out that you most likely already have a strong basis of knowledge as it relates to streaming, but just need the confirmation to know how to commit fully. 

Who are some of the content players?

Netflix—With new content added weekly, Netflix has thousands of hours of movies and TV shows, making it the largest streaming service in the world. You will find a ton of content from major networks and movie studios, and Netflix is also the leader in original content you cannot find on cable. Netflix is considered one of the best streaming services in the cord cutting universe, but industry insiders predict that many more copy cat groups will emerge in the next few years.

Hulu—Do you want your content the day after it originally airs? Hulu is a great option for anyone who wants to watch recent shows from networks such as FOX, NBC, ABC, FX, and Spike.  Hulu also has a LIVE TV option which we try and steer people away from, as well as a option to have commercials played during their shows for a lesser price.  Like NETFLIX and AMAZON , Hulu is currently releasing and developing quality original content that people want to see.  

Amazon Prime Video—Amazon Prime not only gives you free two-day shipping and free music, it also gives you access to thousands of movies and TV shows. Amazon’s partnership with HBO brings you a selection of HBO shows as part of your Prime membership. 

Disney Plus—Disney is now offering its huge library of classic films as well as many of their new acquisitions from Marvel Comics.  Disney has invested a massive amount of cash into this endeavor so you can expect that improvements and better content will be added all of the time.

Thousands more—Just as the above is considered the leading players in this movement, other channels/platforms are popping up covering just about any subject you are interested in.  There is even a premium channel called GREAT AMERICAN COURSES that offers College Lectures in their entirety from Institutions of higher learning all over the world.  You can go to GAC and take a physics course from the top experts in this field from MIT, HARVARD and Yale!

Other channels will offer content for people interested in:


Adventure Sports


Outdoor life


...and more!

Many local content creators from our home area of Plymouth, Kingston, Duxbury, Sandwich and Cape Cod have used platforms like the ones outlined above to distribute their own content.  This supports the growing trend of an epic shift in how we consume our information and content.

How much does streaming COST?

Streaming is the action of sending or receiving data/information/content on the superhighway known as the internet.  So by definition, Streaming is FREE.  However you need an internet connection to be able to STREAM or gain access to the streaming services that we all know. Currently the Cable Companies are the only game in town for this service.    Sadly they have used this service to hold us "Hostage". Many of the stories we hear come from the people of the Plymouth, Kingston areas.  However we just recently heard from a few families in the Sandwich MA area who also struggle with their local providers.  The cable companies sadly miscalculate the publics ability to see the  better and less expensive option of Streaming or OTT Media. (Best Streaming Service)   Anyone who follows this industry or does what Cord Cutting New England does, knows that it's only a matter of time before we have about 20 internet providers to choose from in each neighborhood.  This will result in a more favorable marketplace that will greatly reduce the cost of access to the internet.  

The next "Cost" associated with streaming is the device you choose to use.  Many TV's have some type of streaming software built right in when you buy them.  These are called "Smart TV's".  Still, even with a Smart TV, many are electing to purchase a streaming unit like a Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, or Play Station to give them a more portable and updated experience.  These cost can range from $30 all the way up to $500!  With our apt, CCNE provides you with a Roku device.  

CCNE charges $150 for the apt, lesson, consultation and device.  This is a ONE TIME FEE.  

Once you are set up, CCNE provides you with a myriad of FREE sources to get Movies, Music, TV and more.  This will generally be where you enjoy a majority of your content.  Then, you will fill in the gaps of speciality programing or subscription based programming that may have a monthly fee like NETFLIX or HULU.  Still the savings continue because CCNE will also offer tips on how to get the most of those accounts and save EVEN MORE!  Here is a general side by side comparison of what you are considering.


Monthly Cable Bill - $150 per month on average.  This includes internet and possible 1 or 2 premium options.


$150 for set up and Device

Netflix- $17 per month (not required)

Hulu- $11 per month (not required)

Internet Service- $65 (On average)


OPTION A- $1800 Annual

OPTION B- $780 for internet

 plus... $336 annual for NETFLIX and HULU if so desired.

Cord Cutting Workshop on Cape Cod

State Rep Randy Hunt has been a strong voice for the community in their efforts to gather as much information possible so that they can save money and potentially convert over to streaming services.  During this presentation Rep Hunt does a great job in outlining the current state of media, identifying the problems that face the community and finally presenting some actionable items people can take as they consider cord cutting. Check out as he points to some of the best streaming services available at the time of this presentation. Many of his presentations have been in the Kingston, Plymouth, Sandwich areas, as well as many other spots throughout Cape Cod.

The future of internet!

Check out some internet options!

One of the best ways to save money is to research as much as you can on all of your  cord cutting options. No one disagrees that streaming services are better than cable options, but the best streaming service will be different for everyone.   

Talia R. from Kingston MA- "I am a technology fool, this helped me save a good deal of money while checking off an item from my list that my family has been nagging me about for a while now."

Tom W. from Plymouth MA- "Once I was up and running with my Roku thanks to these people, I was ill to know how much money I wasted on Cable TV over the past few years.  Relief is an understatement for sure."

Lynn F. Sandwich MA- "We have been trying to save money and it seems everything is getting more expensive.  We were shocked at the difference."

Here is a great link for some useful suggestions on how to use internet WITHOUT cable...

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Questions or Comments

We know that "Cutting the Cord" can be a scary and confusing step.  New England Cord Cutting is here to assist people in saving lots of cash, help them in becoming familiar with all the changes in media and finally assist New England families in getting a vastly superior product to what they currently have.


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Internet options are on the way! Be Patient!

Just as we have been saying, your current state of internet options will NOT remain solely with the gangsters at Xfinity and Comcast.  Hang tight and keep informed with us here at Cord Cutting New England.  Article was originally published by Cord Cutting News.

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